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mandag den 25. maj 2015

Favorite Song of the Day

Favorite song of the day: “Perfect” by Simple Plan

This song has always been special to me. I can relate to most of the song. I have always had a hard time with my dad, not because he is a bad dad, but because he’s not so good at emotional things and when I was younger I was extremely emotional. Back then I always fought with my mom, so I couldn't talk with her about my problems, and my dad was someone you just couldn't have a serious talk with.
When I was a kid my biggest hero was my dad, but as Pierre sings in the song: “And it feels like you don’t care anymore”. Sometimes it really does feel like my dad doesn't care, even though I know he does. I mean he always worry too much; he wouldn't do that if he didn't care. Maybe it’s just because he never seems interested in me, like my mom does.
Besides that it seems like I’ll never be good enough. I never asked my dad, but sometimes it feels like he likes my sister better, because she gave him two wonderful grandchildren whom he loves. But maybe it’s just me being paranoid. Or maybe it’s because he always disapprove of the things I do or like, he never does that with my sister.
I just hope I’m wrong about him, and I really hope that one day I’ll be strong enough to have this talk with him, because after all I do really love him and he’s still my hero. I hope I can make him really proud in the future and get a great relationship with him again. I hope he understands that I’m sorry I can’t be the perfect daughter he deserves and that he will look through that, so I doesn’t have to feel upset about it everyday.

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