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tirsdag den 26. maj 2015

Favorite Song of the Day

Favorite Song of the Day: "Wish You Were Dead" By Scheer 

I feel such a relief whenever I hear this song.. It's like I wrote it or something, I can really relate to this song.. 5 years ago some idiot almost destroyed my life.. I'm still trying to recover, luckily I'm a lot better than I was just a year ago..
But my hate for him is still going strong and sometimes I really wish that he's dead, because the way he broke me down, almost made me take my own life.. If I hadn't been as strong as I am, I wouldn't be here today..
I try not to think about all the things he said and did to me, but sometimes it's hard not to.. Every time I do think about it my blood boils and my anger gets out of control.. If I'll ever meet him again, I will take my revenge and I will break him down, like he broke me.. I will destroy him and make him wish he'd never was born.. I will do everything I can to destroy him and I will be evil enough to hope he won't survive it..!

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