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lørdag den 18. juli 2015

New Favourite Song

Stone Sour - Zzyzx Rd

The feeling you get when you're listening to a song and you just know that you are going to listen to this song a thousand times, without getting tired of it.. I think I just found my new favourite song.. There's just something about this song, that makes me want to listen to it all the time.. I have always had a thing for Stone Sour, mostly because of Corey.. I mean I have listened to Slipknot since I was a kid, but I have always wanted to hear Corey sing another genre.. You don't really get to hear his amazing voice when he sings in Slipknot.. It's different when he sings in Stone Sour.. His voice is much different and more in focus in Stone Sour, than it is when he sings in Slipknot.. And the way he sings in Zzyzx Rd is just amazing.. It's like his voice is just melting in my ears and I feel this weird happy feeling inside of me.. I will forever love this song.. I will probably listen to this song till I die <3

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  1. Corey in Stone Sour = Mindblown (When heard the first time) (: