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I never found religion, but was born with freedom. That's the one thing I pray will not be taken!

onsdag den 13. januar 2016


Sometimes I really love to listen to old songs. They always bring back a lot of memories.
It’s weird though; there is this one song I listen to, from time to time. Every time I listen to it, the memories come back to me and run around in my head like a freaking film. You know just like, when you are watching the best clip from a film. That is how this song makes me feel. Whenever I listen to it, all the best memories from that time come back to me, just like in a film. I can see it before me. The worst part about it, is that when I’m alone, the memories feel like reality, but then it is like I wake up and realise that no matter how much I want to go back, I’m stuck in this shitty present, without the one I love the most and it kills me.

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