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fredag den 29. januar 2016

I'm the Sovereign

Z.Tao - I'm the Sovereign

Yesterday I listened to Zitaos song “I'm the Sovereign” for the first time and it has been on repeat since. This song gives me a special feeling I can’t describe. First of all his voice is really amazing. When he was in EXO, you almost never heard his singing voice; so hearing it now makes me wonder why SME never let him sing.
Second of all the start of the song gives me the chills. That opening is just so damn perfect and the fact that, that part is in the song too makes the song even better.
Third of all I have always loved Taos rap, so I really like the part where he is rapping, and the beat is pretty catching too. I can’t sit still when this song plays.
The video is pretty awesome too, and Tao is so damn cute, even though he tries to be a bad-ass.

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