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torsdag den 11. februar 2016

I'm waiting for superman

I’ve been waiting for my superman, for a long time now. I’ve been waiting for someone who can save me and make it all go away. I’ve been broken for 6 years and I am finally getting better, all I need now is someone to make the rest go away. Everything I listen to this song I can’t help to think how many broken souls there is in this world. I can’t help to think about all the broken souls who need their own superman.
I still don’t understand who the world can be so cruel. Why do we have to get our hearts broken? A broken heart can destroy your life, if the heartbreak is bad enough. My heartbreak almost destroyed my life, but I was strong enough to go on. The worst is that some people aren’t as strong.
I hope I won’t be waiting for my superman forever, but no matter what I will keep waiting, hoping that one day I will find someone, who can mend my broken heart. Someone who will make me happy and not break my heart. The worst part about is that I’m afraid to get my heart broken, I’m afraid to let people in. I just don’t hope that I already met my superman, but let him go because of my fear.

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